Macedon Ranges - Victoria

The Macedon Ranges, enriched by the presence of Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock, unfold as a narrative of nature’s beauty, cultural heritage, and geological wonders, all conveniently within reach of Melbourne. The journey unfolds amidst rolling hills and lush forests, revealing a tranquil countryside, an escape just beyond the city’s hustle.

As the landscape reveals itself, Mount Macedon graces the horizon, offering both stunning views and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Notably, the iconic Hanging Rock adds a singular touch to this scenic retreat, inviting exploration with unique contours and walking trails providing not only panoramic views but a touch of wonder.

The region’s charm extends beyond Hanging Rock. Wineries and cellar doors entice visitors to savour cool-climate wines, while historic towns and villages invite a journey into the past. Gardens and parks offer serene settings for leisurely strolls and family picnics against the backdrop of the region’s unique beauty.

Throughout the year, the Macedon Ranges come alive with events and festivals, allowing Melbourne residents to immerse themselves in the vibrant local community. Culinary adventures await, with diverse accommodation options providing a comfortable base for exploration. Outdoor enthusiasts find their playground in the region’s diverse landscapes, whether on horseback, cycling, or exploring walking trails.


Melbourne Airport

Must See/Do in the area:

Horseriding, biking, wine festivals, historic Piper Street in Kyneton, Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock.

Best time to travel:

All year round

Horse Events:

March: Maldon Campdraft
January: Picnic Races at Hanging Rock

Experiences in the Macedon Ranges - Victoria

Back in the Saddle – Back on the Trail

2 Days / 1 or 2 Nights | Novice and Intermediate Level Riders

Whether you're returning to riding after a hiatus, boosting your confidence, or contemplating horse ownership, this weekend retreat is tailored just for you.