Horse TreksExplore the remote parts of Australia

Follow the drover’s trail and ride along rivers in the Kimberleys and experience landscapes, see crocodiles bathing in the sun on river embankments, or follow in the hoofsteps of the Man from Snowy River.

We bring you the most unique horse treks Australia has to offer. You will sit around the campfire, listen to the stories of the cattlemen and women, gaze at stars in the sky, and sleep in swags. Your horse will carry you across Australia.

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Ride like the Man from Snowy River!

5 Days / 5 Nights or 6 Days / 6 Nights | Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Riders

Head up to the Victorian High Country for this magnificent horse ride inspired by the 'Man from Snowy River' and the legendary horsemen who once rounded up wild brumbies and the stockmen who drove cattle on this mountain terrain.