We assume that you will not just come to Australia for a horse riding holiday but to see some of the best places Australia has to offer. For further information on what to see in the area, please also visit the Destination section on our website. Once you have chosen your experience we will also discuss with you how your holiday fits best with some of the great other places you would like to visit in Australia.
Whilst all our experiences are truly unique, we understand that sometimes your schedule and holidays might not align with our experience calendar. Our Signature experiences can be anything you desire and we can put it together for you as an individual, for your own family or even a group. We can also organise Signature Experiences around some of Australians great horse events and across a variety of equine disciplines so you can incorporate them with your personal Australian holiday schedule and plan.

We take great pride in matching riders with the right horse to ensure a truly fun and enjoyable experience. This is why we will ask you quite a few questions about your expectations and your past riding experience. Most of the horses on cattle stations are Australian Stockhorses, well trained cow horses, trained to do stockwork and draft cattle and many of them have been trained to excel in the iconic Australian sport of Campdrafting.

Our rides are very much a cultural and a learning experience. You will ride and learn from the experts, the best Australian horse trainers, stockmen, true horsemen and horsewomen who will guide you, teach you and encourage you to immerse yourself in this truly Australian experience. This works best in groups of 6 – 9 riders for a cattle station experience. We include up to 12 participants in some of our horse treks and 9 – 12 in our clinics and campdraft schools.

The type of accommodation varies from camping under the stars in a swag (Australian-type sleeping bag, canvas bedroll with a mattress) or simple shearer’s quarters (on-station workers accommodation) to cosy cottages and more luxurious private homesteads and pastoral mansions. We will provide you with detailed information about what to expect prior to your making a booking.

Just give us a call or send us an email and we can point you in the right direction.

Most of our experiences are not available on the open market. Horses & Cattle Australia curates Australia’s most unique riding experiences and makes them available to a very small group of people. Booking with us will never cost you more than booking directly.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you detailed information about local transfers and how to best get to your destination. We also list the nearest airport for each experience. If you have a look at the Destination section on our website, you will also find information about things to do and visit in the area.

Our horse holidays and horse experiences are usually all-inclusive. However, please read carefully what is included and what needs to be paid extra. This includes accommodation, meals, the horse incl. tack, your guide/trainer, soft drinks, tea/coffee and reasonable amounts of beer and wine with your evening meal.

Prices quoted are per person, based on two people sharing a room. Camping equipment and transportation of a reasonable amount of luggage is included for the horse treks. The cost of transfers to and from a major transportation hub varies.

In most cases transfer costs from and to the location are not included. Please note that you do not have to add another 10 – 15% to our prices for tips. Australia is not a tipping country. You don’t have to give a tip but you can – if you want to – in a restaurant after a nice meal.


International and national flights to the meeting point for your horse holiday are not included and we suggest that you book your international flights with your local preferred retail or online travel agent in your home country. If required, flights within Australia are easily booked once you have decided on your overall itinerary and we will advise you about the best option. Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you detailed information about local transfers and how to best get to your destination. The cost of transfers to and from the major transportation hubs do vary. All our experiences provide you with information about what’s included or not. Please check on our website for this information

We do recommend that all participants take out comprehensive insurance coverage which covers horse riding and any other related activities, cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation and evacuation expenses irrespective of whether you are travelling in your home country or abroad. It is important to double check that your insurance covers you for the type of riding activity that you are going to participate in. We recommend that your travel insurance policy also covers personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects.

Snakes, spiders, crocodiles, sharks, box-jelly fish, some of them venomous and all of them dangerous, these creatures all call Australia their home. However, they usually don’t show up in masses and not all of them can be found in the same place. We can assure you that our experienced guides will give you a thorough safety briefing before each adventure so you will know what is important to stay safe at all times.

Safety is our highest priority. However, there are risks involved when riding horses and taking a trip to the outback and this is why rider safety is paramount. Our guides are the most knowledgeable and experienced horse professionals and the most important part of their job is to keep you safe during your experience. We do request that all customers have adequate travel insurance which includes medical cover before participating on a ride. Before each ride, our trainers/guides will also ensure that all guests getting in contact with horses, livestock and animals are wearing appropriate clothing, gear and footwear which is appropriate for the activities and in line with all safety standards at all times.

This really depends on the type of trip you choose. We have some treks in the High Country and some programs on cattle stations where a certain level of fitness helps you to really get more joy out of your trip. For some experiences there is always the opportunity to just skip a day and/or watch the action from your veranda or from the ground for a while if you are stiff or sore. If you have been absent from the saddle for a while, we do suggest that you get back into it about two to three months before your trip and start to become saddle-fit. Our Signature experiences give you the opportunity to ride as little or as much as you want. It’s a blank canvas where you can design your dream horse holiday.

For some of our experiences you will be spending lots of time in the saddle, participating in work and mustering activities on a cattle station. As an experienced horse rider you will obviously feel most comfortable riding in your own riding gear and we suggest that you bring your own boots and your own protective head gear and cowboy hat or you get your own Akubra hat on the way to the station. We will send you a detailed packing list 4 – 6 weeks before your trip and you can also find a more general packing list on our website here (LINK).

Get ready to disconnect and immerse yourself in the Australian culture and authentic cattle station experience where you will reconnect with yourself and your new equine companion and new friends you will meet. Most of our places don’t have any mobile phone coverage or wifi. However, there will be a connection to the outside world at the station in case of emergencies.