About Barry Moore

Born into a dairy farming family in the NSW Hunter Valley, Barry’s earliest childhood memories are of him and his brother bringing the cows in and taking them away again – on their very own horses. Like many Australians growing up in the country he started to participate in local campdrafts, gymkhanas and pony club from a very early age but it soon became apparent that his ambition for the equestrian sport would always be driven by his love for these great animals – the horse.

It was in his late teens when Barry’s mother helped him to buy his first registered Australian Stock Horse and this marks the start of his ever-growing interest in the Australian Stock Horse breed and actively competing in Australian Stock Hose events. His interest started to turn into a passion when in his early twenties Barry started breeding his own Australian Stock Horses under the Starwaltz prefix and the rest is history. He has been very actively involved in the Australian Stock Horse Society ever since.

As a rider Barry has been fortunate enough to achieve Supreme Working at the National ASH Show with his horses, on three occasions with Starwaltz Cool Breeze 2013, Starwaltz Miss Liberty 2016 and Starwaltz Cool Justice in 2021. At the Sydney Royal in 2017 together with Cool Justice and Miss Liberty he achieved Champion and Reserve Champion Working ASH (Sire and Daughter), and Champion once more in 2018 with Cool Justice. Once Barry gets off the horse, his contribution to the sport doesn’t stop. Working from the ground he has been involved as an ASH judge for over 10 years and judged many shows including at the ASHS National show, Canberra Royal, Bathurst Royal, NSW state show, just to name a few.

Over the years, Barry has truly enjoyed breeding and training his horses and he has been a serious and successful competitor at campdrafts and shows over the years. However, some of his greatest memories are not of what he has achieved in the sport for himself. It’s the memories of his children competing on the horses he has bred, of the great people he has met being part of the Australian Stock Horse Society and sharing his knowledge and experience with young people who are willing to learn and get engaged with the horse community.

Horses & Cattle Australia is very fortunate to work with Barry who enjoys sharing his vast knowledge about Australia as a horse nation and his love for the land with guests from all over the world. Australian guests who have been fortunate enough to bring their own horses to a Horses & Cattle Australia experience have had the joy and the privilege to learn from Barry who has helped them to develop a stronger relationship with their horse and take their riding and horsemanship skills to a new level. Last but not least, what’s the best thing about riding with Barry? It’s his great sense of humor which makes it so much fun to ride together with him!

Experiences with Barry Moore

Garrawilla – Cattle Station Adventure

Once you settle in, life here at ‘Old Garrawilla’ becomes simple. It just centers around good rides, moving cattle, learning from Australia’s best horse(wo)men, home-style cooked meals and discussions around the campfire or the fireplace where lifelong friendships are formed.