About Brooke French

Brooke grew up on a sheep and cattle property in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, with her family still farming there today. Following her corporate career, Brooke decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and go back to farming. She bought Brooklyn Springs and stocked it with sheep, cattle and of course horses and it is a dream come true for her to be able to share her beautiful horses with guests while she shows them every aspect of the amazing life on her beautiful Australian farm.

Brooke has a passion for life on the farm and in particular for horses. She uses them in every muster and regularly competes in Campdrafting to practice her horse and cattle handling skills.

Brooke is also very interested in sustainable farming methods. Her journey into Holistic Management (HM) began in 2016 and today she makes very different decisions to traditional farmers because she is now focused on the soil and its biology, aware that this is the first step to create healthier plants that will produce happy, healthy and productive animals. On her journey she continues to build her knowledge, seeking new ways to improve her soils, grow a diverse range of plants and allowing them to recover before grazing again which helps her achieve her goal to become an ecological beef and lamb producer while taking the first steps to regenerate the land. Her animals are now generally run in one mob with planned grazing, with the exception of lambing time. Numbers in the mob can vary and are a reflection of the season.

Join Brooke for a very special farm and horse riding experience where she shares her passion and love for the land, for the horses and for this beautiful part of the country she calls her own.

Experiences with Brooke French

Markdale – Long Riding Weekend

Located on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Markdale Station is rich in history and offers an out-of-the ordinary experience to fire up the senses of horse enthusiasts. Guided by Australia’s best trainers and stockmen you will explore 6300 acres of beautiful horse riding country and enjoy a horse riding adventure of a lifetime.

Brooklyn Springs – Riding Weekend

Be prepared for the scenery which will take your breath away while mustering either sheep or cattle on horseback through the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Enjoy a real horse and cattle mustering experience watching the dogs work and help to move the livestock to their new paddocks.

Kimo Cattle and Sheep Station Experience

Driving into Kimo (Ky-mo) means you are entering one of the hubs of Horses & Cattle Australia, where one of our greatest horse and cattle station adventure is waiting for you

Kimo Station Signature Experience

Driving into Kimo (Ky-mo) means you are entering one of the hubs of Horses & Cattle Australia, where your great luxury horse and cattle station experience is waiting for you.