About James Forbes

Meet James, an extraordinary Australian horseman, trainer, campdrafter, and dedicated local farmer, eager to lead you on an unforgettable horse riding experience. James shares his profound passion for the land, horses, and the captivating Australian countryside he proudly calls home.

A true local, born and bred in this picturesque region, James brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of horsemanship and horse training together  with years of experience as a stockman, managing farms and living the rural life.

James’s love for horses is ingrained in every facet of his life. Throughout his career, he has successfully broken in and trained hundreds of horses, specializing in various disciplines, notably cow working and campdrafting—an Australian equestrian sport close to his heart.

As a seasoned horseman, trainer, and campdrafter, James not only excels in the sport’s nuances but also brings out the best in the horses he works with. He generously shares this wealth of experience with both seasoned riders and young enthusiasts, actively engaging with local pony clubs to foster the next generation’s horse riding and horsemanship skills.

Formerly owning the station next door to Garrawilla, where he currently guides, James possesses an intimate knowledge of the land, its people, and the greatest riding trails with the most scenic views. Riding with him transforms the experience into an enriching journey as he freely imparts his knowledge and passion for the region.

Beyond his expertise with horses, James boasts significant experience in working with cattle and livestock. Whether you bring your own horse or join for a leisurely ride, James is committed to supporting you in developing your horsemanship and riding skills, drawing from his extensive knowledge.

What sets James apart is not just his skill as a horseman but also his warm and engaging personality. A fantastic host and guide, he turns every ride into an opportunity for learning, laughter, and camaraderie. Around the campfire after the ride, James captivates with his stories, making the entire experience a memorable adventure.

Passionate about ensuring each guest has the best possible experience, James’s contagious enthusiasm, combined with his dedication to teaching cattle work at Garrawilla Station, promises a trip of a lifetime. With James as your guide, you’ll unravel the intricacies of stockmanship and Australian horsemanship while forging lasting memories filled with fun, laughter, and engaging tales along the way.

Experiences with James Forbes

Garrawilla – Cattle Station Adventure

Once you settle in, life here at ‘Old Garrawilla’ becomes simple. It just centers around good rides, moving cattle, learning from Australia’s best horse(wo)men, home-style cooked meals and discussions around the campfire or the fireplace where lifelong friendships are formed.

Markdale – Long Riding Weekend

Located on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Markdale Station is rich in history and offers an out-of-the ordinary experience to fire up the senses of horse enthusiasts. Guided by Australia’s best trainers and stockmen you will explore 6300 acres of beautiful horse riding country and enjoy a horse riding adventure of a lifetime.