About John Briggs

“And then there is this special feeling that you get when you have been working with a horse for a while. It’s when you can really feel that connection and that the horse wants to be with you, work with you and making it all come together.” John started his first horse more than ten years ago when he was 17 years old but his eyes still light up today when he talks about his work with all of these beautiful and great horses, he has the pleasure to work with every day.

Phil Attard from Attard’s Stockhorses met John when he was sixteen and he saw not only the talent but also a strong passion and willingness to learn in John . The rest is history and today John is the assistant stud manager at Attards’ Stockhorses, responsible for training and developing all of these beautiful horses who are bred at the stud every year, developing them not only to become successful performance and campdrafting horses but also trusted equine companions for the more leisure-oriented horse rider. If you ever have the chance to ride one of the horses trained by John, you will immediately fall in love with that horse because you will get the benefit from all of the diligent work and the true passion that goes into each horse bred at the stud.

John loves campdrafting and participating in events, showing the great horses bred at Attard’s. During the last few years, John has also been recognized for one of his other great talents which is working with riders and helping them to become better horse(wo)men and develop a better relationship with their horse.

Riding with John is very much about knowledge sharing and he will help you to develop that special connection with your horse which goes way beyond what you thought you could achieve.



Horses & Cattle Australia has had the pleasure of owning and enjoying some of these wonderful horses that John Briggs and Phil Attard have been breeding and training and if you are an experienced rider, you might even get the opportunity to enjoy riding one of them when you ride with us.

If you are thinking about adding a new equine companion to your herd, get in touch with us prior to the ride. If the ride is guided by John, we might be in a position to provide you with a great horse to try out and get that great feeling that you get from riding a very special horse that nobody can really put into words.

Experiences with John Briggs