About Andrew O’Dea

Andrew is a fifth generation Southern Downs cattleman with an agri-business degree and has been involved in traditional and sustainable farming not only on his family property but with the management of large cattle stations up North. He and his wife Rowena both grew up on farms which has continued to influence their passion for family life on the farm and for raising cattle in a sustainable way on their beautiful property.

When you ride with Andrew, he will share his extensive knowledge about the land and farming and show you how practicing low stress stockhandling techniques when mustering and working cattle in the yards can be applied. In a typical season there can be up to 200 head of angus cattle on the property. The cattle are carefully and strategically grazed in planned rotations which provide the native pastures time to fully recover before cattle are returned to the paddock. Another advantage of moving the cattle regularly is that by being around them they become calm and are never stressed by people’s presence.

Horses have always played an important part in working cattle in the O’Dea family and even today, Andrew prefers to saddle up and ride out to check on his cattle on a horse, rather than using a motorbike. The family tradition continues with his son Hugh, a keen young horse rider who likes to join his father on the ride.

Experiences with Andrew O’Dea

Kelvin Falls Country Horse Experience

There is plenty of wide open pasture inviting you to go for a canter and some hills ready to be climbed on with some spectacular views along the way.