About Pauly Daniel

Pauly is a Ringer/Stockmen, Horse Trainer, Horse Clinician and Professional Rodeo Pick-up Man for a variety of disciplines from working stock horses to dressage.

Pauly’s very special connection and affinity with animals and horses in particular is life long. Born and raised working stock on the family station in the beautiful Flinders Ranges and having inherited his family’s respect for the beautiful animals, he started his journey with horses from an early age.

He has spent his working life mostly on cattle stations in Outback Australia as a ringer, drover and colt starter and over the years he has competed extensively in various disciplines such as campdrafting and rodeo. Pauly has also been successful in the Equitana Brumby Challenge in 2016 where trainers are working with a brumby over a period of 150 days – taking them from the wild working with them to become an even more wonderful animal.

Pauly says he is still amazed by what a horse is capable of when working out in the bush under tough conditions with high demands that come with working cattle and having to get a real job done. His work with his own horses is very much influenced by the very strong and special bond which is developed between them when they work together as a team out in the bush over extended periods of time. This is why many of his horses accompany him on his regular contract mustering engagements and why he says he is so fortunate to be able to learn from his horses every day.

Experiences with Pauly Daniel

East Kimberleys Luxury Cattle Station Experience

There is a truly unforgettable experience awaiting you at Bullo River, a working cattle station and homestead covering 500,000 acres