About Roderick and Alida Woodland

Alida and Roderick have called The Kimberleys their home for many years and they have been sharing their love for the land, the cattle and the horses with guests from all over the world for many years.

It all came about from Roderick’s desire to preserve the experience and history of the stockmen, the cattle musters and the pioneering years of the Kimberley region. Today they are taking visitors on unique experiences on horseback, exploring remote river valleys, old stock routes used by drovers and cameliers, breath-taking gorges and wide open spaces.

Every year they are offering a small number of guests the opportunity to join them for their legendary Kimberley rides. Starting this year they will also be inviting a selected number of guests to share their life on an authentic working cattle station and to join in on one of their great cattle musterings

Experiences with Roderick and Alida Woodland

Kimberley Cattle Station Adventure

Join us for a cattle station horse riding adventure in the magnificent Kimberley region, exploring breathtaking landscapes on horseback and moving cattle on one of Australia’s historic cattle stations spanning over 700,000 acres.

Kimberleys Signature Cattle Station Experience

Build your own signature experience and enjoy staying on an authentic Australian cattle station and ride with the true cattle(wo)men of the Kimberleys in Western Australia.

Kimberleys – Follow the Drover’s Trail

A cattle station experience like no other. Join us on one of Australia's historic cattle stations and ride with the true cattle(wo)men of the Kimberleys in Western Australia who have been preserving the experience and history of the Australian stockmen.