About Shelly and Paul Skvor

With a long family history of horse riding in and around the High Country, Paul and Shelly have been mastering the art of capturing the spirit of the legendary cattlemen which have called the Victorian High Country their home for generations in their unique horse experiences.

Paul is the Great, Great Grandson of William Mitchell Lovick a cattlemen who settled the district in 1871. Dating back to the 1830s, the mountain cattlemen heritage is one of the oldest forms of agriculture in Victoria and New South Wales. His grandfather, Jack Lovick began taking visitors on rides to the High Country in the 1960′s and today, the tradition still lives on. Paul was on a horse before he could walk and spent much of his time riding with his grandfather on his safari teaching Paul the secrets of the mountains, rivers and seasons as they tackled rigorous river crossings and mountainous terrain on horseback.

Shelly, born in in Gippsland has been bush riding since she was a child and first came to the area after doing a horse safari with Jack’s son Charlie back in 2000. Both Paul and Shelly rode with Charlie Lovick for many years before being encouraged to continue the tradition following the trails of the country cattlemen and taking visitors on horseback to the breathtaking Victorian High Country and beyond.

Shelly and Paul have a wealth of experience and knowledge about this beautiful part of Australia and you will be mesmerized by their stories which they will be happily sharing with visitors around these evening camp fires.

Experiences with Shelly and Paul Skvor

Ride like the Man from Snowy River!

Head up to the Victorian High Country for this magnificent horse ride inspired by the 'Man from Snowy River' and the legendary horsemen who once rounded up wild brumbies and the stockmen who drove cattle on this mountain terrain.