About Tarsha Walters

‘I want to ride horses every day of my life’. This was Tarsha’s answer when –  at a very young age –she was asked what she wanted to do once grown up. Despite the fact that she did not come from a horsey family, her answer never changed and she has been pursuing her dream to work in the horse industry ever since.

Tarsha started out working horses and cattle on Australian cattle stations up North and her interest in training horses was fuelled by her passion for campdrafting and encouraged by her talent of training horses on the job across Australia while mustering cattle out in the bush and then successfully competing and showing on the weekends.

Tarsha has always been fascinated by the partnership that develops between the rider and the horse when mustering cattle and she gets her inspiration from some of Australia’s great horsemen and horsewoman who have helped and supported her to build on her talent in training horses and turn it into success through lots of hard work and  determination.

Today, Tarsha is engaged in the training of stockhorses for campdrafting and she works with horse owners who want to develop their own and their horse’s skill and competence working cattle on the range.  Having discovered her talent of working with people, she works with them to build more successful performance and working partnerships with their horses and build their skills as a rider and competitor at the same time.

Tarsha makes her life in the beautiful Macedon Ranges in Victoria where she breeds cattle and trains campdrafting horses on her own farm and shares her knowledge, her skills her beautiful property and her love for the land and the horses with visitors from across the globe.

Experiences with Tarsha Walters