Once you spent some time browsing our website, please contact us to check availability for your chosen experience and dates from the website. You can send us an email with your contact details or text message or give us a call at +61 (0) 418 613 930 and we will call you back.

Because of the very special nature of our experiences, we like to talk with all our guests before the trip.

We want to make sure this is your once in a lifetime horse riding holiday. That’s why we like to learn more about what type of horse rider you are and we suggest that you fill in our Rider Questionnaire Click here before we speak. (LINK). We will contact you shortly to discuss the details of your trip.

Alternatively you can also start to kick this off by filling in this reservation form


Please fill in your details as completely as possible. Once we receive your form, we will confirm availability and provide you with instructions to pay your deposit which is 30% of the total price or a minimum of AUD 500 / Euro 500 per person. Once we receive payment of your deposit, we will send you a confirmation of your trip. Please note that your trip is only confirmed once we have received your deposit.



Participants Personal Details



We will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions and/or requirements. Please provide us with some additional information regarding what you can and cannot eat.


Travel in remote parts of Australia and any activities which involve horses, cattle and some other animals involve risk. For some of our trips we are outside the range of timely access to medical treatment and evacuation, even in cases of trauma. If you have questions and concerns, please give us a call for additional information about your trip and destination.

Participants should be in good physical health. For some of our experiences we will be in remote regions for extended periods of time and transportation to medical facilities is often impossible. We recommend that all participants undertake an appropriate ‘riding-fit’ program in advance of the trip.

We will make sure that your trip will be fun, relaxing and an truly awe-inspiring experience. However, on some of our treks and cattle station experiences you will also spend long hours in the saddle where you might be hot, cold (yes, it does get cold in Australia), covered in sweat and dust, tired, sore, bitten by mosquitoes and probably a bit uncomfortable. Please be certain you are comfortable with the risks involved in some of our trips and outback travel before making this reservation.

Emergency Contact

Please provide us with the name and contact details of a person we can contact in case of an emergency.


All participants must take out comprehensive insurance coverage which covers horse riding and any other related activities, cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation and evacuation expenses irrespective of whether you are travelling in your home country or abroad. We recommend that your travel insurance policy also covers personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects. We do request that each participant provides us with the name of the insurer and details of travel insurance policy including the name of the insurer, policy number and emergency contact number before your departure date. You may incur significant financial liability if you do not purchase insurance. We accept no responsibility or liability for your failure to take out appropriate insurance.

You acknowledge that horse riding and participating in horse related activities is a dangerous activity and that horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable (changeable) way, especially if frightened or hurt. Any horse can bite, buck, kick, startle, trip or slip, etc. and put the rider or handler and the horse at risk of injury or death. You understand and acknowledge that serious INJURY or DEATH may result from horse riding, whilst on the ground around horses, handling horses and during your participation in experiences and events and holidays we offer.

Most of the experiences, events and holidays that we promote as an agent are considered risky or dangerous. Prior to booking and getting involved in any experience or event you should be aware of the risks involved. Our suppliers warrant that they maintain appropriate public liability insurance for all risks associated with its business and service provisions. We make no warranty or representation about their business or services whatsoever.

For insurance reasons, all our suppliers and landowners on which property you might be riding require you to sign a waiver of liability before you attend an experience, event or holiday as a participant. Please note that you will not be allowed to participate in events or ride on any privately owned property where signing of a waiver is required and you have not returned the signed waiver form to us prior to the event. We will not issue any refunds for any experiences or events paid for where the participant refuses to sign the liability waiver form(s).