From expert horse clinicians right through to some of the best working horse people in Australia, you will get to ride and learn from the best.

You will not just ride with any guide. On your journey you will be supported by the best Australian horse trainers, stockmen, true horsemen and horsewomen who will guide you, teach you and encourage you to immerse yourself in this truly Australian experience.

This is for people who want to learn about working with and riding horses in a setting where horses are ridden for a purpose to make a living or to take you back in time in Australian history to understand and get a feeling for this great vast land.

This is very much a cultural and a learning experience. You will ride and learn from the experts who will teach you about true Australian horsemanship. You will follow the hoofbeats of legends who will share their knowledge with you and learn and train with the best to develop skills which will help you to become a better ‘horse(wo)men.

Meet your Guides

Barry Moore

Barry has been a serious and successful competitor at campdrafts and shows over the years. However, some of his greatest memories are of his children competing on the horses he has bred and the great horse people he has met being part of the Australian Stock Horse Society.

Brooke French

Join a great Australian horsewoman, campdrafter and farmer for a very special farm and horse riding experience where she shares her passion and love for the land, for the horses and for this beautiful part of the country she calls her own.

Pete Comiskey

A lifetime of passion, commitment and determination has enabled Pete to become one of the most accomplished competitors in Campdrafting over the past thirty years. He was just eight years old when his love for campdrafting began.

Codie Law

Codie has been competing in campdrafting since he was a youngster As an accomplished competitor Codie’s list of wins and titles are impressive and throughout the year he successfully competes at all of the major events like the Warwick Gold Cup, Landmark Classic, the Sydney Royal and the Australian Stock Horse Nationals just to name a few.

John Briggs

Riding with John is very much about knowledge sharing and he will help you to develop that special connection with your horse which goes way beyond what you thought you could achieve.

Tarsha Walters

Tarsha started out working horses and cattle on Australian cattle stations up North and her interest in training horses was fuelled by her passion for campdrafting and encouraged by her talent of training horses on the job out in the bush.